It doesn’t take much to keep your AKROBAT trampoline safe and in excellent condition for many years to come.

For longer life span &
safer use

All Akrobat trampolines are made of durable high-quality materials and do not need extra special treatments, but they need to be maintained with care.


The mats and frame pads should not be cleaned with any aggressive cleaning products. Trampoline surfaces are best cleaned with mild soapy water and thoroughly rinsed with water afterwards.


Check your trampoline before each season thoroughly—particularly the frame, frame pad, springs, and jumping mat. We advise regular check-ups during the season as well. If this maintenance schedule is not maintained, damaged parts could be overlooked, which may result in severe accidents or injuries.

Your checklist should include following points:

Be sure that:

  • all parts are well-attached.
  • all springs are well-secured to the frame and the rings on the jumping mat.
  • the trampoline has no damage, such as rips, holes, sharp, twisted, or broken parts. If you notice any damage, change the parts immediately!


Make sure no animals are allowed on the trampoline as they could damage both the frame pad and the jumping mat. If any damage or missing parts are detected, immediately disassemble the trampoline, and remove from use until the defects are repaired or parts replaced.

Extreme weather conditions can impact the trampoline materials, therefore follow these recommendations:

  • Remove the jumping mat during winter season as the weight of the snow could damage the mat.
  • Protect the trampoline from direct heat, fire, sparks, and fireworks.
  • Protect your trampoline from heavy rain, snow, and hail.

The trampoline pit should not accumulate water and it should be able to be cleaned. If you notice that water remains in the pit, constructing a permanent drainage solution is necessary.