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Akrobat trampolines are synonymous with lasting quality, unparalleled performance, and guaranteed safety. And they’re so much fun!

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Trampolines offer endless fun for kids, families, and anyone who loves to bounce! Fun for the entire family and designed to last, our range of high-quality trampoline products and accessories will keep you and your family happily bouncing for years to come. Our entire line of in-ground trampolines, covers, and safety enclosures are constructed to meet the highest safety standards. AkrobatUSA in-ground trampolines are the most popular and best-made in-ground trampolines and trampoline accessories on the market. We are confident  that you will  love your Akrobat  in-ground trampoline purchase!  In-ground trampolines are statistically safer than regular trampolines, and Akrobat trampolines are made with only high-quality, long-lasting materials.

Start creating a lifetime of memories with your very own in-ground trampoline!

We offer the most popular sizes of round and rectangular in-ground trampolines.  Among all our options, you’ll find choices perfect for small children, teenagers, and adults. Our trampolines also come in 3 attractive choices of colors, suitable for a variety of yards. With the sizes , shapes & colors  we have to offer you are sure to find the perfect trampoline for your family!

Our trampolines include key safety features and durable parts that will last for years to come.

12-ft. Trampolines

Our large in-ground trampolines are perfect for all ages. Your kids, friends, and family members will have the time of their lives bouncing for fun and exercise. These 12-foot round trampolines provide a solid bounce, many years of enjoyment, and are safer than traditional above-ground trampolines.

14-ft. Trampolines

Our 14-foot round and 14-foot rectangular in-ground trampolines are the safest and hardest-working in-ground trampolines in the market. These popular trampolines are strong and can support up to 290 Lbs.  So, go ahead and bounce your heart out—for fun and exercise! These extra-large trampolines are suited for big families, kids’ parties, budding gymnasts, and anyone who wants the best trampoline experience out there.


  • Superior bounce performance
  • Certified & non-toxic weather-resistant materials
  • Heavy-Duty hot-galvanized steel with zinc coated frames
  • AkroSpring system for more powerful bounce
  • Extra-strong UV & tear-resistant net protection
  • AkroClick system for easy assembly
  • Excellent grip and stability
  • Protected springs for added safety
  • Rectangle & Round Sizes
  • Quiet operation while jumping
  • UV Resistant heavy-duty pad

Make Your Trampoline Better with Accessories  

Trampoline accessories protect your children and your trampoline with ease.

Trampoline Covers

Keep your trampoline safer and damage-free with a trampoline cover. The cover is fitted and designed to protect your trampoline from even the harsh sun and cold winters.

Trampoline Safety Enclosures

In-ground trampolines are safer than traditional above-ground trampolines and can be used without a safety enclosure, but if your little ones are jumping, flipping, and trying out new tricks, you can up the game and invest in a safety enclosure that will keep them within the trampoline bounds.

Top Quality and Great Warranties on All of Our Products

All our in-ground trampoline products are made with superior quality first and foremost. The galvanized steel frame is strong, rust-resistant, and created to keep your kids bouncing their best and having fun for years. Only high-quality commercial materials are used, and the entire trampoline is built to exceed safety requirements.

With an in-ground trampoline, your kids will get endless fun and regular exercise, and you’ll have peace of mind! And you will all have the time of your lives! Don’t put it off—take the jump and invest in a great trampoline for yourself and your family today! 

  • lifetime warranty
  • fast delivery
  • customer care


  • Superior bounce performance.
  • Certified & Non Toxic weather-resistant materials.
  • Heavy Duty hot-galvanized steel with zinc coated frames.
  • AkroSpring system for more powerful bounce.
  • Extra strong UV & tear resistant net protection.
  • AkroClick system for easy assembly.
  • Excellent grip and stability.
  • Protected springs for added safety.
  • Rectangle & Round Sizes.
  • Quiet operation while jumping.
  • -22°F – 158°F operating temperature range
  • UV Resistant heavy-duty pad.


  • lifetimeFrame warranty
  • 3 yearsSafety pad warranty
  • 10 yearsSprings Warranty
  • 2 yearsJumping mat warranty